What you need to use the ATM


Use your mobile phone to be able to identify yourself at the cashier and start the whole buying and selling process.

If you have a foreign phone number, remember to add your country's international prefix.

Wallet and Blockchain Address

Have the blockchain address of your wallet on hand. You will need it to send the money between your account and the cashier. You can do the operation with both the QR code and the written address.

ID Card or similar (only for large operations)

To ensure the proper use of cash and money, if you are going to make large transactions, you will need to identify yourself with your ID, Passport or similar document.

How it works

To get started, tap the ATM screen and follow the steps given to you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. In this process you must take into account several factors that may condition the payments you must make. We explain them:

Cryptocurrency prices are constantly fluctuating. Your operation will be adjusted to the price set by the screen when you start the operation of buying or selling tokens.

Transactions can take some time to process, keep in mind that you will not have the money in your hands or in the account instantly. We will inform you at all times about the status of your operations via SMS message.

All cryptocurrency movements (inside and outside the ATM) are subject to the commission of the miners, the people in charge of operating the system. The higher the demand at the moment, the higher this commission will be. To make sure of the amount you will pay, on the cashier's screen you can see what that commission is at that moment.

Terms of Use

Purchase and sale transactions are subject to commission. Find out our rates to see which one suits you best.