Welcome to the ATM of the future

You are the owner of your money

Buy and sell Bitcoins, Etherums, Tether, Ripple y all the cryptocurrencies directly from your smartphone with our bitcoin ATM.

You can do money transfers with cryptocurrencies securely in only a few minutes. Unlike traditional currencies, you own your bitcoins, and they are outside the control of any bank regulations.

To use our GBTC Les Corts ATM, you must come to Caballero 72 Street, in Barcelona, connect your wallet with your smartphone and put in or take out the money. We explain to you how to do that:


Your interaction with the bitcoin ATM is encrypted, so you are safe from any type of digital threat. Transactions are made securely from start to finish.

Large operations

Due to safety reasons, you can only do one operation per day with the same phone number. Additionally, if you want to do a large operation, you must identify yourself with an ID Card, Passport or a similar document.


Our ATM is disinfected daily to minimize the risk of contagion. Likewise, we recommend using hydro alcoholic gel before and after use.

Current prices

Bitcoin GBTC Les Corts ATM

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